Wednesday, March 21, 2018

An Accidental Gardener

Howdy friend! Just happen to stumble into my garden?  Make yourself at home, have a look around.

You'll see that it isn't a conventional garden.  There are no fancy beds, trellises, or cold frames.  It's the humble garden of a humble gardener. A recurring theme in the garden is reduce-reuse-repurpose-recycle.  

Every summer those kiddy swimming pools are on clearance. Last summer's pool is this year's raised bed garden. Viola! A discarded plant pot is a container garden waiting to happen.  Fallen sticks and branches suit a climbing plant just fine, as do corn stalks.

Although, the garden was intentionally planted and is nurtured with love, I say that I am an accidental gardener. The truth is that Nature does all the work!  I mostly sit around a gawk.  

I started my garden with organic, garden soil and planted in it organic seeds. I have amended the soil as needed only with non-animal fertilizers, minerals, and supplements: kelp, mushroom compost, molasses, lime, gypsum, and backyard compost.  As for watering, Nature's tears of joy -- rain from sky or rain barrel, suffice.

No insecticides or pesticides are used in this garden. Nope, Nature takes care of that too.  Ladybugs eat aphid eggs, and wasps prey upon other harmful insects. Beneficial insects are enticed to the garden naturally. Leaving winter broccoli and kale to bolt produces lovely yellow flowers that bees and wasps find irresistible. Companion flowers, such as marigolds, attract beneficial insects while repelling detrimental ones.  The pollinating friends stick around for the tomato, squash, bean, pea, and blueberry flowers too.

Yep, I am accidental gardener.  And, these lovely accidents (gifts harvested today), grew between fall and spring in my accidental garden. 


Come again soon, and see what accidents happened since you last visited.